A list of candidates for the upcoming Blood Tribe Chief and Council election was released over the weekend.

Five people are running for chief:

Roy FoxJordan Mathew HeadWallace Mountain HorseChristopher ShadeShannon Anndrea Wells

Current Chief Charles Weaselhead isn’t seeking re-election after being elected to three terms in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Election day is Nov. 22, with an advance poll in Calgary on Nov. 15.

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There are 115 candidates for the 12 councillor spots.

Cory Francis BeebeFloyd Peter Big HeadStanley Big Sorrel HorseLeslie Bruce Big SwallowDarryl Thomas Black PlumeFrankie Black PlumeJoshua Wayne Black PlumeAlbert Black WaterAloyuisius Black WaterKyle Lonnie BlackwaterArnold BottleRoseanna Marie BottleRaymond Henry BrewerDexter Daniel Bruised HeadMicheal Dean Bruised HeadMyles Michael Bruised HeadNina Mary BuckskinAndrew Bull CalfRita CalfGloria Loraine Chief MoonSean Jason Chief MoonVernon Joseph Jr. Chief MoonOscar Nelson CottonRoland CottonMary Adelaide CreightonShirley Crop Eared WolfCalvin Floyd Cross ChildJustin James Cross ChildKyla Deann Crow Spreads His WingsSteven Gabrielle Crying HeadJoshua Edward Curly RiderMarion Sharon Curly RiderRobert Rex DavisAndrew Kelvin Day ChiefBarney Larry Day ChiefBella Day ChiefCaroline Day ChiefDarryl Grant Day ChiefGuy Joel Day ChiefMike Day ChiefSheldon Day ChiefMickey Anthony Jr. Day RiderBeth Ann Beatrice DaychiefLevena DevineMyron Eagle SpeakerDorothy Theresa First RiderRod Edward First RiderAlex FoxDerrick George FoxEugene Carlo FoxKendrick Anthony Woodrow FoxLambert FoxHarly Gregory FrankMichael Sean FrankJeffrey Ross GladstoneAlex Harvey Andrew Good StrikerSally Ann Good StrikerGeoffrey HealyIvan Murray HealyLeslie Leonard HealyRobert Frank HealyMartin Heavy HeadShawn Kelly Heavy RunnerVanessa Jewel Heavy RunnerTerry Edward IvinsJoanne LemieuxEdward Shane Little BearLeanne Robin Little BearNolan Ryan Little BearThomas Little BearJohn Robert MansonEdmond Many BearsRicky Louis Many FingersAnthony Many FingersCalvert Many FingersKirby Dean Many FingersWallace Many FingersWilliam Scott Many FingersDalbert Charles MillsDaniel Craig Mistaken ChiefDuane Phillip  Mistaken ChiefDominc Alvin No RunnerSylvia Old ShoesRoger Prairie ChickenJacqueline Red CrowWilliam Camille RussellJames Henry RussellIrwin Brent ScoutSheryl Natalie ScoutHenry ShadeJustin ShadeMarie ShadeArnold ShoutingLeon Anthony SoupRoy SugaiAdeline SweetgrassBlaine Ira Tail FeathersKelly Tail FeathersLance Allen Tail FeathersTimothy Allen TailfeathersJeffrey TallowNeal Anthony Thunder ChiefRonnie Vern Thunder ChiefWilliam Lucius WadsworthWilliam Fredrick Weasel FatCharlotte Tracy Weasel MoccasinMarcel Patrick WeaselheadMelvin WellsRobert WellsMichelle Rea White Man LeftFranklyn White QuillsTeresa Mae White Quills- KnifeCalvin WilliamsAllen Wolf TailRandolph Young Pine

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