Three days after asking anyone who witnessed or took video of an officer-involved shooting in the community of Dover to come forward, the Alberta Serious Response Team (ASIRT) says it’s expanding its investigation.

ASIRT said Monday it has started a separate probe into the actions of two other Calgary police officers involved in the incident, in addition to the officer who shot the suspect.

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    ASIRT investigates Calgary police shooting in Dover

  • ASIRT investigates officer-involved shooting in southeast Calgary

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    ASIRT said they became aware of an “additional use of force incident involving CPS officers” while investigating the officer-involved shooting on Nov. 3.

    “ASIRT is investigating the circumstances surrounding the force used on the 20-year-old man who was driving the stolen Honda Civic after he was removed from the vehicle while being taken into custody,” reads the latest statement from ASIRT.

    “It is not believed that the use of force caused any additional injury to the man who remains in hospital as a result of gunshot wounds received from the officer-involved shooting.”

    Watch below from Nov. 4: As Gary Bobrovitz reports, the police watchdog ASIRT is asking for witnesses.

    Police arrived in the area of 30 Avenue and 36 Street N.E. at around 7 p.m. on Nov. 3 for reports of a stolen vehicle driven by a man.

    While officers on scene waited for a HAWCS chopper to arrive, police said the stolen Honda Civic drove into an alley in the 3800 block of 30 Avenue S.E.

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    The police watchdog said when officers pulled up beside the Civic in a police car, it “reversed and struck the left front side of the police cruiser.” One officer went to the Civic’s driver’s side window to talk to the man and reached into the car to try to put it in park, ASIRT said Friday.

    The statement said an unspecified “altercation” then occurred, during which the man put the Civic in motion while the police officer’s upper body was still inside the car. The officer was ultimately “dislodged,” ASIRT said.

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    ASIRT said Friday while the altercation unfolded, a second officer went to the passenger side of the Civic as it moved and fired his gun. The bullet hit the driver, who lost control of the car and crashed into a garbage bin. The suspect was taken into custody when more officers arrived on scene.

    The suspect suffered “serious” injuries, according to the investigative body. One officer was treated for minor injuries but has since been released from hospital.

    Investigators previously asked anyone who witnessed the incident and/or took video to contact ASIRT at 403-592-4306.

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